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Tems Investigation

TEMS Investigation, its market-leading end-to-end network testing solution, allows you to test every new function and feature in your network. This allows you to better understand Customer Experience and to verify, optimize and troubleshoot your mobile network. Through our close cooperation with equipment vendors, chipset manufactures and device vendors we are able to use all major new devices. This allows us to quickly provide in-depth subscriber (QoE) and the network (QoS) insights to enable you to make better network investment choices.

Whether you are rolling out a new network technology such as LTE or 5G, implementing a new network service like NB-IoT or VoLTE, or optimizing an existing mobile infrastructure, TEMS Investigation gets the job done right the first time. When integrated with TEMS Director, TEMS Investigation becomes a key component of your mobile network test platform.

 Tems investigation version

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Nemo Outdoor

Understand performance and quality of wireless networks and optimize it for improved end-user satisfaction and increased Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

Nemo Outdoor is a laptop-based drive test tool for wireless network testing which supports over 300 terminals, IoT devices and scanning receivers, including 5G, from various vendors, all the latest network technologies and latest smartphones. Nemo Outdoor offers a full drive test solution for wireless network testing / mobile network testing, troubleshooting, and optimization.

In wireless network testing Nemo Outdoor’s powerful software platform works with all wireless technologies and with different protocol and application testing options. The optional media router functionality, Keysight’s proprietary (patent pending) communications interface and application, enables simple and productive deployment of smartphones in data benchmarking and voice quality measurements by utilizing the smartphones’ capacity more effectively. Nemo Outdoor produces measurement files from wireless network drive tests in the open ASCII Nemo file format, enabling quick and easy troubleshooting and analysis, using Keysight’s or third-party post-processing tools. With a test terminal and/or a scanner you can perform real-time missing neighbor detection, pilot pollution analysis, and GSM interference analysis.


Nemo outdoor version

Nemo outdoor 4, Nemo outdoor 6, Nemo outdoor 7, Nemo outdoor 7.5, Nemo outdoor 7.8, Nemo outdoor 8


Post processing software

Tems discovery

To ensure your network KPIs are exceeded and your subscriber experience gives you a competitive edge, you need to quickly find where and what issues are arising in your network. With the complexity of today’s multi-technology, multi-band networks, you need the tools to accurately and efficiently find the problems and implement the solutions.

TEMS Discovery is the wireless industry’s most comprehensive network analytics and optimization platform, providing you with unparalleled insight into network performance as perceived by your subscribers at the device, application and network level.

This holistic approach is unique to TEMS Discovery, empowering you to lock-in premium subscribers by ensuring they receive the service levels they demand, around-the-clock, from any location, and across voice, data and integrated media services.


Tems discovery version

Tems discovery 11, Tems discovery 12


Nemo analyzer

Nemo Analyze for professional post-processing of drive test data

Nemo Analyze is a highly efficient and fully scalable analysis tool for benchmarking, automated troubleshooting, and statistical reporting based on drive test data. For benchmarking, its predetermined report templates help compare KPIs from different operators, technologies, and time frames, and visualize the results in a single report. Nemo Analyze supports all the major network technologies.

Versatile drive test post-processing

Nemo Analyze is the ideal post-processing solution for data produced by Nemo tools. Nemo Analyze’s support for CSV (Character-Separated Value) format also allows importing of ASCII data into the database, enabling for instance Wireshark/Ethereal and network counter data to be correlated and post-processed together with Nemo drive test data. Nemo Analyze supports Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, 64-bit. Integrating Nemo Analyze with other Nemo tools provides a complete automated data processing chain from raw measurement data to automatically generated results in workbook format.


Nemo analyzer version

Nemo analyzer 6, Nemo analyzer 7, Nemo analyzer 8


 Location Analytics software

MapInfo Pro is a desktop geographic information system (GIS) software product produced by Pitney Bowes Software (formerly MapInfo Corporation) and used for mapping and location analysis. MapInfo Pro allows users to visualize, analyze, edit, interpret, understand and output data to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends. MapInfo Pro allows users to explore spatial data within a dataset, symbolize features, and create maps.

MapInfo software version

MapInfo 8.5, MapInfo 10, MapInfo 11, MapInfo 11.5, MapInfo 15, MapInfo 17


Global mapper

Global Mapper is an affordable and easy-to-use GIS application that offers access to an unparalleled variety of spatial datasets and provides just the right level of functionality to satisfy both experienced GIS professionals and beginning users.

Global mapper version

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