How To Make Pen Driver Bootable

There are lot of way to make pen drive bootable. We are going to show you very simple and easy way to

do this.

You need to download two application one is windows images which you want to make bootable

Second Windows USB DVD Download tool that is Microsoft official tool of making pen drive bootable


Do follow given below step of making USB bootable

Installed Windows USB DVD Download software. You can download it from this link. Open this software

It will ask windows images to burn. Just provide windows images and click on ok. Its will format your pen

Drive and start copying windows file. You can also download windows ISO imagesĀ  from here

Windows 10

Windows 7

Please go to refer images

How to make pen driver bootable
How to make pen driver bootable


Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool 1
Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool

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